Introducing PCA Rx

Better Solutions for Pharmacy Benefits

PCA Rx has created a better solution for pharmacy benefits. We can assist in creating the best pharmacy benefit for your team – and this will create healthier outcomes for your employees!


Thinking Outside the Box to Create Better Solutions and Create Healthier Outcomes

We are a full-service Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) that delivers a flexible, high-touch benefit supported by innovative clinical programs designed to improve member outcomes while reducing cost. We focus on putting our clients’ best interests at heart, because that is what matters most.

Tailored Services

Our customized clinical approach is the key difference that sets our benefit designs apart.

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Our Principle

We build better pharmacy benefit plans! We believe in making sure everyone is incredibly cared for.

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Winning Formula

By focusing on the relationship between patients, physicians and pharmacists, we can find better solutions.

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Powerful Alliance

We work with Consultants and TPA’s (Third Party Administrators) to create better solutions for our clients.

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“My goal is to make sure everyone gets the guidance and support they need. Everyone deserves care and to be cared for.”
David Antongiovanni, CEO
A Simple & Powerful ALLY

Who we are

PCA Rx is a full-service pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) – A third-party administrator of prescription drug programs for end-payers, such as private insurers. We take pride in doing more for our clients, and patient care is our top priority. We show this by taking the time to work with our patients and ensure that they fully understand and utilize all of the benefits of their prescription drug plan.


Patient Portal

Patient Portal includes Medication Search and Pharmacy Locator.

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