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Patient Care Advocates!

Patient care is our top priority. We advocate for our patients ensuring their needs are not only met, but we exceed them. We take the time to work with our patients and ensure they fully understand and are utilizing all the benefits of their prescription drug plan. As patient advocates, we proactively look for cost savings for our members. This is through alternative medications that may be available for a lower cost or through our clinical medication therapy management.

Additionally, we help members utilize copay savings through manufacture assistance programs. Communication is key to all customer service and at PCA Rx we take that whole heartedly! Our member help desk is always open, and a responsive patient care advocate is always available. It is our goal to make the transition to PCA Rx as seamless as we can.


Included Patient Services

Work with patients to help them fully understand and utilize all the benefits of their prescription drug plan

Help members access programs to help with out-of-pocket cost to make medication more affordable

Look for cost savings alternatives medications

Help members ease in transitioning into a new pharmacy plan

Availability to patients for communication

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